Who we are

We are the Rose family: Suzy, Todd, and our two awesome daughters. We have been homesteading on this beautiful hillside in Danby since 2002, working with the land to produce food for our family (using organic methods), as well as other resources, such as firewood to heat our home. We also utilize the sun to produce all the electricity we use here.

Family pic.jpg

We are active supporters of GreenStar Community Projects (see also Hot Potato Press), Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming (Todd is an alumnus of Groundswell’s CRAFT farmer training program), other local organizations addressing food and farming issues, and our local farming and homesteading communities.

Organizations directly addressing poverty and hunger in our community, such as Friendship Donations NetworkLoaves and Fishes, and Healthy Food For All, have helped to raise our awareness of these urgent issues and inspired us to put them front and center in our lives. Recognizing the potential of what we could offer, since we already had the land, a tractor, and other infrastructure of a small farm in place, we made the decision to dedicate our efforts and resources to producing food for donation to our neighbors in need, and Morningsong Community Service Farm was born.

We also make and repair guitars and related instruments, run a small eco-B&B, and do art and music.

... but enough about usMorningsong Community Service Farm is also you and every other person who takes an interest, supports the effort, volunteers, partners with us, or gets involved in any way, as well as everyone in the community who benefits from the work we (all of us) are doing. Thanks for being a part of it!